Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

We are excited to serve you and your child in the nursery. Our goal as always is to foster a deeper connection between your kids and the Lord, while still creating an environment that gives you peace of mind. Please take some time to review the plans and policies for our ministry:


CHECK-IN: Nursery age includes newborn babies up to 12 months old. Children should have a clean diaper and parents are asked to sanitize their hands prior to entering the classroom.

SOCIAL DISTANCING PRECAUTIONS: Teacher Ratio: 1 teacher per 1 nursery baby.
  • The classroom and toys will be divided and sanitized to accommodate social distancing between babies and teachers.
  • Teachers will bottle feed only, however, no small snacks or spoon feeding will be administered.
  • Parents will be notified for diaper changes and required to pick up and change their child.
  • Parents are encouraged to bring small teething toys and/or sippy cups for their own child that are labeled with their child’s name.

HEALTH SCREEN: Temperatures of the child and parents will be taken at drop off and a waiver will need to be signed before leaving children in the nursery.

BELONGINGS: Labeled baby toys, bottles, sippy cups, blankets, diaper bags and clothing will be placed into individual cubbies. A sanitizing wipe will be given to sanitize car seats and strollers entering the classroom with the baby..

RSVP: In effort to go above and beyond to serve you and your baby, an RSVP form will be available to complete 24 hours before each service time. Check in time will begin 10 minutes before service.
** “Walk-in” nursery children will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. **

PICK UP: Social distancing markers will be placed outside the classroom and down the hall. Each child will be released in an orderly fashion on a first come, first serve basis.


Saturday @ 5:30 pm

SUNDAY @ 10 am

Wednesday @ 7 pm

Safety, Sanitization, Hygiene, & Cleaning

Our volunteers will perform self-health-checks prior to serving and will not serve if exhibiting any of the symptoms listed above.
  • Hand sanitizer will be present in all rooms, and children will be encouraged to wash hands/use sanitizer throughout their time at church.
  • Toy selection will be limited, and bins of toys will be sanitized for each service.
  • High-use surfaces, including restrooms, will be sanitized before and after any service.

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